Read about how Veren started from a small idea with large potential.

Posted 13.03.2015

Best ideas come after you leave your comfort zone and look at the world with the new eyes. The Veren water idea was born after its co-founders traveled across the globe and looking at different technologies and ancient methods of reaching the cleanest water on Earth. They have been to sacred places of Egypt and Israel, in tropical forests and deserts of India, on uninhabited islands in Maldives, Bahamas and Bora Bora. Inspired by nature and ancient technologies, they explored the ways of getting water vapour from air before the water is formed into raindrops and even clouds.


With two partnerships in the USA and UK and after two years, they created an award winning technology that allows us to get the purest water you can imagine.


Limited Edition of Veren was released from the Bahamas and exclusively sold in Rome, Italy and in the Caribbean.


Now Veren has released its new limited edition from the islands of Florida Keys.

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